How To Pick From Trendy Bathroom Floors

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When getting a bathroom renovation done for your home, there are many small factors to take into consideration. One big detail to think about is the flooring in your bathroom space. Have you thought about what type of materials you want to use? Did you already figure out what colors to put in? All of these things take planning, but with the help of EZ Builders, your general remodelers, we can make the process plain and simple.


How To Select The Best Floors


We will first start by sharing with you the most popular type of flooring for a bathroom space. This would be Ceramic Tile, or Porcelain. Homeowners would prefer tile over other types of floors for their bathroom because there is no need for any worry of moisture in the future. These floors are completely waterproof, and that is something to take into heavy consideration in an area where moisture and water go hand in hand. If you experience water spills in your bathroom (which you might if you have smaller children) then these floors can be your best option. Aside from the fact that they are waterproof and easy to clean spills, they look trendy and effortless. EZ Builders can provide you with a wide selection of different styles, colors, and designs to pick from so you do not feel limited with tile. They are also more affordable over other type of floor materials.


Another popular flooring material that homeowners prefer is stone. Stone gives off a more natural and pure look to a bathroom, and can mesh well with any interior designs. Stone floors can include granite, marble, and others. You can pick a wide array of different colors for stone that can bring out a more simple bathroom look. If you have an all white bathroom, having a darker stone colored floor will make it look bolder and more appealing. The only downside to stone is that your floors can be cold to step on in different seasonal transitions.


Laminate flooring is not a bad idea as well, if you are extra cautious of the moisture. Laminate floors look stunning in any room of your home, especially a bathroom. So, in order to hold this type of flooring, there is extra care required over other types of floors. Since wood species do not do as well as others in a moisture environment, making sure that your bathroom door is always open, especially after a hot shower or bath is necessary. This will allow for the room to air out after steam is in the room, which can soften your floors over time.


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