Choosing The Best Roof For Your Home

Nicole Roof Replacement

Whether you are renovating your home or building a home from the ground up completely new, your roof is a big part of your project. At EZ Builders, our team of professionals are here to give you the best possible roof services Los Angeles, along with your renovation projects. We are a home remodeling company with many years of experience doing roofs for our clients. In this post, we will share with you the most popular types of roofs, and which one may be a perfect fit for your home.

How To Select The Perfect Roof

First and foremost, you need to make sure that your roof matches the exterior look of your home. Having a roof that does not match the exterior is something that we commonly see in communities and neighborhoods, which definitely is a negative aspect. Luckily, our design team can help give you guidance on what looks good with the look of your home. We wouldn’t want to give your home that modernized look with a spanish-style roof. Or, we also wouldn’t want your home to look traditional with a flat roof. There are different materials that go with specific looks, and having them not mesh together can be a recipe for disaster. This is where our design team will seek exactly which roof type you need. We can help you and give you advice with colors, shapes, and styles so you are not alone in that process!

Next, there are many different types of colors to choose from. Depending on what you pick for the exterior paint of your home is what you should gear towards for your roof. If you choose a white exterior for the house, then a dark roof would look bold and stunning. Many homeowners enjoy doing darker toned roofs with lighter homes, and vise versa. Having a dark exterior home such as blues and reds look better with lighter roofs to even it out. Yellow painted homes look great with dark brown or tan roof colors. The choice is all yours!
Lastly, pick a material and type of roof that goes best with your city’s weather conditions. You live in Southern California, so you do not need to worry about heavy rainfall all year round. It is mostly hot, so having a tile roof or asphalt shingle roof would be a perfect fit.

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