Energy Efficient Upgrades

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Energy efficient upgrades for homes and commercial properties have been in such high demand throughout the past few years. This is because of all the great perks and benefits it provides homeowner and commercial property owners with. Aside from benefiting you, making the switch to energy efficient solutions Los Angeles helps save energy for our environment. Keep reading this post to find out which energy efficient upgrades can be great for your home, and how they will significantly impact you.

Types Of Energy Efficient Switches To Consider

The first type of energy efficient switch to consider is insulating your home. By insulating specific areas of your home, this helps to maintain the perfect air temperature throughout each room. You can and should insulate many parts of your home, such as the attic, your walls, ceilings, exterior walls, insulating your foundation, and more. This is something that new construction homes normally come with, but if you have an older home that is outdated, chances are you do not have the proper insulation you need to save money and energy. The best part about insulating your home is that you will feel ultimate satisfaction and comfort with its’ air quality. Since many homeowners are spending hundreds of dollars per month turning on their HVAC system (heating ventilation and air condition) when it is too hot or too cold, this makes their bills go up while taking up a lot of energy. With new insulation, you will feel great with the natural air your home provides you with, having you not wanting to turn on your HVAC system.

The second switch is to revamp your doors and windows. By resealing your windows and doors of your home, you are helping the environment tremendously. This is highly recommended from our specialists at EZ Builders because of all the great benefits you can get out of it. The best part of revamping windows and doors is that is shuts out all outside noise that you may not want to hear. Next, it provides more safety and security for your family members at night or during the day if they are home alone. Lastly, it allows comfortable airflow to go through your home.

The third switch to make is to get LED lights throughout your home. Changing all of your lights to be LED save tons of energy for your home and for the environment. Did we mention that LED lights last much longer than regular bulbs? This way, if you accidentally leave your lights on for too long, they will not be wasting nearly as much energy as normal ones do, plus you save money!

All of these great energy efficient upgrades tie into the HERO program. This innovative program allows more and more individuals every year to make the switch to save energy for the environment and their homes, by offering financing options. If you want to learn more about the HERO program, call EZ Builders today to get more information about our financing options!