FAQS On Kitchen Remodeling

Nicole Kitchen Renovation

You have taken that big step to start your kitchen remodeling service.  Whether you are re-doing your old one, or are starting from scratch and building it new, there are some common questions our clients ask us. We decided to go ahead and share them with you, so that you can get a clear understanding to your kitchen renovation related questions. Keep reading to find out:


  1. “What types of flooring are common to install in kitchen areas?” This is a great question. We first will start off with a type of flooring that most homeowners love- wood floors. Although many still choose these floors for their kitchen, they look great but are more prone to water damage. We just suggest that you be extra careful if doing wood, and clean up water spills immediately. Instead, going with tile or marble floors are the best kitchen options. These are susceptible to water exposure, and are easier to clean. Did we mention they look great?
  2. “I want a color in my kitchen to make it stand out. What are your suggestions?” We suggest colors that will make your kitchen look bold, but also subtle. Having tons of grey, tans, pale greens, or even red will make it stand out. This way you can get creative with the counter tops and appliances to make the color scheme mesh well. We have many color options at EZ Builders.
  3. “What lighting types go best with a kitchen space?” Our team highly recommends getting LED lights for the kitchen. First, they are energy efficient, so you can leave  them on for longer periods without them burning out. They will save you more money on your energy bills as well. Also, they are much brighter than normal lights, so you can see what you are cooking and more clearly.
  4. “Can you tell me pricing for a complete kitchen remodel?” This is a commonly asked question. Unfortunately, we would need to take measurements of your kitchen and see in person what you would exactly need. The good news is that we offer free consultations and estimates!

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