The Importance of Good Kitchen Lighting

Nicole Kitchen Renovation

Aside from having an entire kitchen remodel done for your property, one of the most important small updates that should be focused on is lighting for your kitchen. Having the proper lights will make all the difference in this space, and will be very beneficial. EZ Builders, a general remodeling company, will give you tips on how to do so in this blog post.


How to Make Your Kitchen Brighter


Many homeowners struggle with having too little of lighting in their kitchen. And, if they do have a lot of light, it still looks dimmed or dark. This can negatively affect your cooking, and family bonding time around the dinner table. Here is what our team of experts can do to improve your kitchen space.


  1. The first thing we always suggest is to place new energy efficient windows exactly where the sun will reflect into your kitchen. Often times, windows are installed facing away from the sun, leaving the room looking dim and lifeless. It is our job to ensure that your kitchen is looking perfect, and we do this by placing windows in the best areas. If you currently have windows in the wrong places, then we can remove them and place them where they should be.
  2. Second, there are skylights that EZ Builders can custom make for your kitchen. These types of open windows go great with any style interior look. Did we mention that you can save energy with a skylight window? Because they already give off so much natural light, you do not need to turn on your regular lights as much. This helps you save money on your energy bills, while helping the environment tremendously.
  3. Third, our team will add more vivid and stronger LED lights to your kitchen to give it the full effect. LED lights are great for the environment, and can stay on longer without wasting a ton of energy. In comparison to regular light bulbs, these are much better for both your wallet and for energy consumption. Plus, they came in different colors and brightnesses that you can pick from.


It’s all about great lighting in your home, especially in the kitchen where you spend a lot of time in. Let EZ Builders give you the proper window upgrades and lighting your home needs to look more alive. Call us today for a free consultation!