Which Kitchen Trends Will Make Yours Stand Out?

Nicole Kitchen Renovation

Your kitchen should be one of your most important focus points when remodeling your home. This is the space people notice most as they step into your humble abode, and can tell if you have had a kitchen renovation recently or not. Keeping up to date with the top trends will really allow your space to stand out and spice things up in your home. EZ Builders, a construction company Los Angeles, will share with you all the trends we think can make your home more unique.

Things To Consider

The first thing that will make your kitchen stand out is COLOR. By having the perfect shade of interior paint on your kitchen walls, it will determine how creative and stylish your space can be. Some interior paint colors that are currently trending among homeowners are warmer colors. These colors include light yellows, peach colors, red tones, and even greens. These colors bring out a more unique kitchen space, and mesh well with beautiful stainless steel appliances. You can even add a tile design to your wall, such as colorful stones that can be placed above your stove top.

Next, having the perfect countertops for your kitchen and island can make all the difference. A big trend we now see in modern contemporary, and traditional homes are white marble countertops. These countertops bring out a look of elegance, chicness, and stunning beauty. Marble countertops are also very popular because they blend well with any type of kitchen, especially light colored walls and appliances. Did we mention they are very easy to maintain? An occasional wipe down with some disinfecting spray should have them keeping their shine and unique look for many years.

Another perfect trend for your kitchen space is adding a chandelier to it. You may not think that it would make a difference, but chandeliers add a lot of extra light to a space. Plus, they look beautiful and stylish, depending on which chandelier you choose to go with. By hanging this innovative piece above your dining area or even above your kitchen island, it will add some serious attentive detail!

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