Roof Repairs and Replacements: Do I Need One?

Nicole Roofing

How old is your roof? This is a question you should ask yourself every now and then and be aware of your roof’s age. This is what keeps you safe at home and holds your home together, which is something that many homeowners often overlook. Luckily, EZ Builders, a general remodeling company is here to tell you the warning signs, and if you need a roof repair Los Angeles, or a replacement.

The Warning Signs To Look Out For

It does not matter if your roof looks amazing from the outside, it might be internally damaged and struggling to stay sturdy without you knowing so. Here are some signs you may need a replacement or repair:

The first thing to do is to check the roof of your home. You should allow a professional from EZ Builders to do this for you, as it may be dangerous to do if you have not done so before. The main warning sign that you will need a complete replacement may be if all of your shingles are gone from your roof. Not to panic- if this is fixed in time your home will be fine. This happens often once a roof reaches a certain age, and natural weather conditions that cause your shingles to go missing. Eventually, it can be hard for your shingles to keep holding on with durability, so they start to break off your roof.

The next thing to look for is if the roof of your home is soft and spongy in some places. A professional from EZ Builders can walk on your roof and determine this feeling. If you experience some parts of the roof to feel bouncy as if you were stepping on a trampoline, this means your roof is probably not strong and durable anymore. This should be taken care of immediately, to ensure that your home is safe and secure for the next years to come.

Curling shingles on your roof are fairly common for many homeowners, and is something that may be repaired. If the condition is severe, you may need to replace the roof. if your shingles are just starting to curl in small areas, our team of experts may be able to repair and renovate your roof instead of a complete replacement.

There are various warning signs that you need to check on in regards to a roof repair Los Angeles. If you think it is time to get your roof checked out, call us today for a free consultation!