Small Bathroom? No Problem! We Can Make It Work

Nicole Bathroom Remodeling

Many homeowners struggle with the issue of at least one small bathroom in their home. You may think that there is no room for a bathroom renovation with this, but our team at EZ Builders can help recreate an updated image regardless of it’s size. Listed below are some ideas of ways to get creative with the space you have. Our bathroom renovation services can really benefit your home!

Different Ideas For Small Bathrooms

If your home was built over twenty years ago, there is a big chance that you have very small-sized bathrooms. To save space while still getting that chic and classic bathroom look, here is what you can do:
If you have a bathroom with just a tub, we can help transform it into a shower so that you can have an extra place to unwind in your home, or use this place as a bathroom for your guests. By adding a shower head to your bath tub and installing glass doors around, you can have a mini shower in no time. This will be much more convenient and spacious for you to work with in your own home. You can eve consider this to be a “kids” shower where it is a perfect size for them.
Adding more cabinets above your sink can be very convenient, and will make much more usage out of the space itself. Adding mirrored cabinets are very beneficial because: 1. You will not need to worry about taking up more space and adding mirrors to the walls of the bathroom, and 2. You can store medicine, toothpaste, bathroom products, and unwanted belongings in the cabinet. You simply get the best of both worlds with this feature!
Adding a modern looking sink that is more flat will take up less space in the bathroom, possibly even making it look bigger than before. There will be more ability to walk through your bathroom without hovering over the sink. If you have enough room, you can even consider installing double sinks, so that you and your guests feel more comfortable when it is in use.
Adding more wall shelves to your bathroom space will also help keep the clutter to a minimum. Placing your towels, toilet paper rolls, hair brushes, soaps, etc. on these wall shelves will give you more space to walk freely in without feeling like you are in a tight and closed off space.

There are hundreds of different ways to get creative with this process. All you have to do is give our specialists at EZ Builders a call and we will come to your home to check out your bathroom space. If you want, we can even expand your bathroom to be much bigger than it currently is, depending on how much extra room you have on your property. Our design team will step in to give you exactly the look you were longing for. Call us today!