Tips For Your New Interior Space

Nicole Interior Design

Designing the interior portion of your home is exciting, but is a lot of work. Thank to our professional and reliable specialists at EZ Builders, we offer outstanding interior renovation services. Because a lot of planning goes into this process in order to make your home look perfect, we bring in our design team to create every aspect and attentive detail. We would like to share some helpful tips with you that our general remodelers give to current clients.

Tips And Tricks For Your New Home

The first thing we advise you do is get the interior paint selections out of the way. This can take up a lot of time, which is why it is good to do it first. Our design team can sit with you and help advise you with picking the right colors. We know all of the colors that are currently trending and in style, so we can share with you our knowledge on them. Depending on what style home you have, certain colors mesh well with certain styles. Our reliable design team will give you tips and advice on color options that will give your home the “wow” effect.


The second tip of advice we want to share with you is to select your flooring designs. Once you have your interior paints figured out, it will be easier for you to pick the different types of flooring colors and styles you desire. If you have dark colored wall tones such as greys, blues, reds, etc., than having light floor colors will allow your home to have more light and not look as dark inside. Having light wall colors such as tans, white, yellows, etc., will look great with darker wood floors or marble.


The third tip we would like to share with you is creating more room, with a room addition. Having a bigger interior space will benefit you for these reasons listed:

  1. More comfort for your family
  2. Higher resale value for your home
  3. More room for guests
  4. More storage space


When your home has more space for storage items, it will make your home look a lot less cluttered and cleaner. For a free consultation on interior designing, give our specialists a call today for a free consultation!