Upgrading Your Home For More Value

Nicole Room Addition

Can your home use some upgrading and renovations? Most homeowners desire remodeling in their current homes, but take a long time to begin the process. By doing the simplest of renovations, your home can go up in great value, if you decide to sell in the future. Our team of general remodelers at EZ Builders are here to share with you how to boost the value of your home!

Types Of Renovations To Consider

The first thing to always consider is your kitchen. Your kitchen is one of the most important aspects of your home, and is something to constantly be in the loop about. Updating to brand new appliances, stunning counter tops, hardwood floors, and more. If you have a perfect sized refrigerator, a new oven, marble counter tops, and a big island with a lot of seating room, potential home buyers will be much more interested. Seeing a top quality and custom built kitchen from EZ Builders will give you endless results.


After getting your kitchen renovated, consider re-doing your bathrooms. Are they old and outdated? There are a lot of small trends that many homeowners install in their bathrooms. These include: more cabinet and storage space, bowl sinks, tile two-person showers, luxurious and spacious bath tubs, and much more. Simple attentive detail will also give your bathroom that extra glow, such as having glass doors around your shower, two sinks for a bigger looking space, and much more. Our team is skilled with knowing how to design a space that will look chic and beautiful.


Next come room additions and/or expansions. Is your master bedroom feeling big enough? By adding a master walk-in closet, and expanding the bedroom larger will not only have you feeling happier but will look better for your home. A bigger space is a better space to work with, and to make your home look less cluttered. You can even use an extra room simply for storage of items laying around your home that make it look smaller.  Imagine getting rid of all those unwanted belongings, and tucking them away in cabinets and closets!
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